Christina Cummings
As a wife, mother, business owner, community leader and recent graduate of the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Regional Leadership Institute (RLI), I care deeply about the success of my regional community as a whole. We are proud of our community, our neighbors, and our friends. But like many of you, we recognize the work that needs to be done to help our community thrive in the 21st century.

We want good leaders and new voices at the table to help inform our policies and plans for our community in the 21st century. We want increased communication, transparency, and better results from the people that represent us.

We also realize that we have an obligation to be personally active and engaged in the community. ChristinaCares exists to train and educate our citizens on how to organize strategically and effectively around community based issues using a solutions based approach.

Our Mission: Is to create a civic engagement movement that empowers and equips our citizens to be change agents by using innovation and technology to solve 21st century problems.

Vision: We believe that ordinary people, can do extraordinary things, when they are well-trained.


WE CARE about:

  • Convening people around “their” issues and using a community based approach that is culturally competent and relevant
  • Activating an army of world-class leaders, thinkers, entrepreneur’s and life long learner’s using our comprehensive training module the (CARES) approach.
  • Reaching out to marginalized and underrepresented communities to give them a voice in community decisions.
  • Engaging in issues of Equity and Social Justice: Access to Jobs, Public Policy, Education, Housing, Transportation and Food Access
  • Success is obtained through a fair and equitable process that removes barriers to participation and civic engagement.


We use a collaborative network of partners to deliver programming in the following ways:

  • Training and Development Classes
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Field Study and Exercises
  • Internship Program

For more information about our programs and ways to get involved please complete our contact form.