Ready… Set… Go!

Today I had the pleasure of qualifying to run for my School Board Seat in Clayton County. I think the last time I was this excited I was still believing in Santa Clause. But this story is not a fairy tale. It is more like a bad dream that I don’t want to believe is true. Currently, I live in Clayton County –District 5 and I am running for a very personal reason. It is alarming to me that our district graduates less than 70% of our students in 2016. This means that my son who is currently in the 10th grade has a significantly lower statistical chance of graduating high school than I did 20 years ago. I’m no Olivia Pope but something in my gut doesn’t feel right about that and I have to change this narrative.

My campaign platform is simple: ChristinaCARES! My mantra is that you can teach of person a job but you can’t make them care. Caring is a character trait and more about your attitude than skill. In the case of my platform CARES is an acronym for: Collaboration +Access +Relevance +Engagement = Success. If we successfully implement this model into our academic strategies our students will thrive. I am so excited by this opportunity to serve and I will continue to keep you all posted on ways to volunteer, donate and support! The amount of support that I have been receiving from my community is overwhelming and I am so grateful to each of you.

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